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Here are some photos of Big John and Steve and some of their friends from YUSA and elsewhere.

Click on a thumbnail image to see a full size picture. Click "Back" to return to the Gallery.

We hope to get some new photos of ourselves up here soon.

Big John and Steve

bigjohn.jpg (10777 bytes) steve.jpg (19929 bytes) johnsteveearly.jpg (49355 bytes) stevestudio.jpg (31055 bytes) johnmcfront.jpg (37874 bytes) Steve And His Winnings.jpg (59244 bytes) 

Above from L to R: Big John, Steve, An Early Show, Steve Archiving, Master Control, Steve wins big at FOTR '99  

Picture 001.jpg (30494 bytes) Picture 003.jpg (28836 bytes) Picture 007.jpg (33707 bytes) Picture 009.jpg (37303 bytes) Picture 011.jpg (38124 bytes) Picture 013.jpg (31845 bytes) Picture 016.jpg (35268 bytes) 

Above we see Big John and Steve recording an episode of The Glowing Dial Internet Radio Show.

Big John and Steve and YUSA Friends

bill.jpg (11707 bytes) bgbrdbil.jpg (12419 bytes) bigboy.jpg (6822 bytes) b22.jpg (16471 bytes) barbarabobb.jpg (32073 bytes) biopic.jpg (14127 bytes) 

Above from L to R: Bill Bragg, Bill Bragg & Big Bird, Big Boy, Bill Bragg's Model A, 
Bobb Lynes & Barbara Sunday Watkins, Edd Livingstone

redman.jpg (6743 bytes) tedradio.jpg (64451 bytes) loewe.jpg (13636 bytes) flood.jpg (8332 bytes) bresee.jpg (7160 bytes) bresee4.jpg (12248 bytes) 

Above from L to R: John "Eighter" Redman, Ted McGaffin, David Loewe, Bob Flood, Frank Bresee, Frank & Bobbie Bresee

davidmiltauto.jpg (52337 bytes) harris.jpg (5253 bytes) billdavidmilt.jpg (48677 bytes) frankliveroom.jpg (40696 bytes) handy.jpg (14081 bytes) handyeq.jpg (54416 bytes) 

Above from L to R: David Berger & Milt Larsen, Kim Harris and friend, Bill Bragg with David Berger & Milt Larsen,
Frank Bresee, Mike Handy & Son, Mike Handy

bosiercity.jpg (78248 bytes) chism.jpg (9148 bytes) danrkimmy.jpg (32993 bytes) johndenniscliff.jpg (45826 bytes) johnelmosdanm.jpg (30706 bytes) mckeever.jpg (15511 bytes) nicole.jpg (11986 bytes) 

Above from L to R: Bosier City Louisiana, The Chisms, Dan Riazzi & Kim Harris, Big John, Dennis & Cliff Caplinger,
Big John, Elmos Woods and Dan McKeever, Dan McKeever, Nicole Burrell (aka Blanche Bickerson)

Big John and Steve and The Celebrities

bobandray.jpg (32656 bytes) bwgirls.jpg (39969 bytes) eddiebracken.jpg (29625 bytes) johnrej.jpg (49963 bytes) stevejohnrej.jpg (41916 bytes) maltin.jpg (36897 bytes) 

Above from L to R: Bob Mott & Ray Erlenborn, Boogie Woogie Girls, Eddie Braken,
Raymond Edward Johnson (x2), Leonard Maltin

stevebetty.jpg (31560 bytes) ruthlast.jpg (26812 bytes) Beverly Washburn.jpg (67726 bytes) BigJohnAndDickBeals.jpg (58009 bytes) BigJohnAndDickieSmothers.jpg (72636 bytes) BigJohnAndJoanBenny.jpg (48980 bytes) 

Above from L to R: Betty Johnson, Ruth Last, Beverly Washburn, Dick Beals, Dickie Smothers, Joan Benny

BigJohnAndLarryStevens.jpg (58190 bytes) BigJohnAndWillHutchins.jpg (72279 bytes) Corinne Orr.jpg (86115 bytes) Gordon Gould.jpg (92557 bytes) John Hart.jpg (63143 bytes)

Above from L to R: Larry Stevens, Will Hutchins, Corinne Orr, Gordon Gould, John Hart

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