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The Glowing Dial Links Page

A list of old time radio and nostalgic links we enjoy so we thought we'd share them with you.
If you know of any sites we should post here, e-mail me and let me know!

Celebrity Births and Deaths + other OTR info from our friend, Ron Sayles: 

Yesterday USA Radio Superstation Online - - tell them Big John & Steve sent you!

Jerry Haendiges' Vintage Radio Place - - OTR logs, listening lounge, shows for purchase & much more!

Jerry Haendiges' Olde Tyme Radio Network - - The Glowing Dial and other Old Time Radio shows in streaming audio!

Jerry Haendiges Audio Restoration Services - - Let Jerry help you get rid of tape hiss or those annoying clicks and pops from your old time radio show tapes or transcription discs!

First Generation Radio Archives - - restored Old Time Radio shows on CD.

International Jack Benny Fan Club - - run by the energetic Laura Leff!

Radio Spirits - - wide selection of Old Time Radio on CD, tape and downloads. - - huge selection of great sounding old time radio on MP3 cd-rom and downloads!

The Internet Archive - - lots of vintage films, tv shows and old time radio and the home of the WayBack machine! All Glowing Dial episodes are now available here too! 

Nostalgia Digest - - The home of the Nostalgia Digest Magazine and the old time radio show, "Those Were The Days"!

Digital Deli Too - - Preserving the Golden Age Of Radio for a digital future. Logs, vintage articles and more! 

RadioGOLDINdex - - The Definitive Database of Old Time Radio Programs! 

Old Time Radio Downloads - - MP3 downloads and some great cast information on various shows! 

Jack Benny In The 40s - - Great detailed information on The Jack Benny Program! 

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