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Welcome to the Sightings information page.  This project began with my wanting to have a listing of all Sightings stories having to do with ghosts and hauntings.  Now it has grown into this, an attempt to assemble a detailed episode guide for the series.  It is still incomplete but I am posting it anyway in hopes that some of you may be able to help me complete it.  I am missing several episodes, most of them are the half-hour ones from Seasons 1 & 2 plus a few "In Depth and Beyond" specials.  A list of the episodes I need can be found here.  If you have any of them, please e-mail me as I would like to arrange to get copies of them.  Also please give me any feedback on the page including possible improvements, deletions, dead links, typos or whatever else.  If you have any info on the show that is not posted here then, by all means, please share it with me and I'll even give you credit for it! 

Please remember this page is not affiliated in any way with the "Sightings" tv series, Winkler/Daniel Productions, Sather Gate Productions, Wilshire Court Productions,  The Berkley Group, Ann Daniel Productions, Fair Dinkum Productions, Triage Entertainment, Paramount or the Sci-Fi Channel (now SyFy).

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Table format episode guide with episode numbers, airdates, story titles and links to episode detail pages.

Internet links to some of the people, places and organizations featured on the show. 

WAV and MP3 files featuring ghostly E.V.P.'s, Bigfoot cries, episode teasers and more.

Many episodes are now available on DVD-R.

What the title implies, pictures and screen grabs from Sightings episodes.

In association with, you may order books featured on Sightings.

A new section where I will post stories, photos and sounds from people like you who have had paranormal experiences.  To contribute to this section, please e-mail me.

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